Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The two drawings below I was playing around with the vine charcoal, the typical conte charcoal pencil on top of marker paper. The marker paper is a lot tougher and more archival than the typical smooth news print that I generally use. The paper can take a beating. Since marker paper is smooth, drawing on it wasn't that much different that how I normally draw on the smooth newsprint. I initially started the drawing as I normally do with the conte pencil. After I had the basic lay in down and the shadow mass blocked in, I drew over the shadow mass with vine charcoal. I then smeared the vine charcoal into the light areas to create half tone. I was trying to go for a more paintly look similar to Henry Yan. I don't think I succeeded to capturing his look, but I am happy with the drawing directly below. I will have to play around with this approach again. It is a fun way to draw.

This drawing below is the typical conte charcoal pencil on smooth newsprint. Really happy with this drawing. The model was great. It was one of those poses that you just can't mess up. Pose was great, the lighting was great. I had very few struggles with this drawing, everything fell into place.

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